Knight's Choice: Volume I

From the minds of VVBG comes a lushly erotic dark romance, a hardcover novel complete with illustrations to ignite the imagination.

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Sharpe & Rabbit: Season 2

Season 2 of Sharpe & Rabbit is currently on hiatus, with 20 of the planned 30 episodes out on Tapas. We will be back soon! Catch up on released episodes at the link below.

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Sharpe & Rabbit

an icy neo-noir thriller

In the small snowy town of Piblokton, AJ Young (aka “Rabbit”) works under the heat of red lights at The Warren, a roadside hotbed of illegal activities. Mr. Sharpe, his former math teacher, is the last person in the world he wanted to see walk into the club, never mind take him home.

But AJ never could have predicted what Mr. Sharpe actually has in mind for him:

An offer that he can’t refuse…

Knight’s Choice

a medieval dark romance

In the medieval land of Fomoria, the God-King Balor has ruled for 1,000 years, with absolute cruelty to those who oppose him.

Gentle-hearted Esra, the rebel leader’s son, has spent his entire life in his father’s shadow. Shy and physically frail, his greatest fear is that he will never become the strong leader he’s expected to be.

Until the day their secret location is discovered by the ruthless enemy army…

and other stories…

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