In the medieval land of Fomoria, the God-King Balor has ruled for 1,000 years, with absolute cruelty to those who oppose him…

Yet in a small, hidden village, there are those who risk their lives to take in refugees looking to flee the tyranny of the seabeast’s power.

Gentle-hearted Esra, the rebel leader’s son, has spent his entire life in his father’s shadow. Shy and physically frail, his greatest fear is that he will never become the strong leader he’s expected to be.

Until the day their secret location is discovered by the ruthless enemy army…

At their head is Sir Umbra, a fearsome Knight of the Order of Balor, crafted by his God-King to be stronger and larger than any mortal man, perfect of face and form. A terrifying creature of legend, Esra never imagined that he could end up face to face with one of Balor’s chosen knights… or that he would be ordered to warm his bed.

Domineering, cruel, yet capable of a shocking tenderness, the darkly handsome Umbra awakens shameful desires in young Esra, and a blooming forbidden sexuality. Now Esra must struggle with the guilt and danger of succumbing to the man who has destroyed everything he has ever known, and falling into a love that he fears may destroy him.

Knight’s Choice: Volume I in print

It has been our dream for years to have a novel like Knight’s Choice in print, and we are so excited to be able to soon offer them for sale!

Thanks to a very successful preorder, we have been able to produce a book that is extremely high quality, with gold foil, and beautiful paper. Check out the video to see our sample from the printer!

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Exclusive Apparel

The seabeast’s knight is a creature of darkness. It is made of blood and shadow. Perhaps they were men once, lifetimes ago, but now all they know is the hunger for blood…

…or perhaps, such a creature is your boyfriend.

Swear fealty to the Order of Balor or be a gentle soul wearing your bad boyfriend’s clothes! There is a regular hoodie, and an oversized hoodie. Made of 85% organic cotton, 15% recycled polyester; both are environmentally friendly and soft to the touch. Warm enough to keep you cozy on those chilly mornings by the sea, and perfect for lounging around in your luxury castle suite.

All clothing options are printed in France, to be shipped directly to you in plastic-free packaging.

Prints & Postcards

Send these out, or keep them as little prints for yourself! There are two Knight’s Choice postcard sets in our store for you to peruse ♡

“Embrace” Enamel Pin

Get your own beautiful 2.5″ soft enamel pin featuring Esra and Umbra, with a glossy epoxy topcoat to make them glimmer!

Made with black metal and white enamel, the pin was designed by the artist to imitate the visual style of the Knight’s Choice illustrations.

Quality Art Prints

“There is more than one way to look at a painting.”

Outside of the illustrations in the books, we have created many illustrations featuring the characters of Knight’s Choice!

Find images inspired by the text itself, hints of things to come… and also… AUs?

Available in 8.5×11 and 13×19 sizes, on glossy Canon Platinum Pro archival art paper.

Jewel Standees

Esra in amethyst, and Umbra in obsidian! These standees were designed to show off the beauty of the characters we love!

Esra is 7″ tall, and Umbra is 8″, so these are a perfect size for decorating ♡