an icy neo-noir thriller…

In the small snowy town of Piblokton, AJ Young (aka “Rabbit”) works under the heat of red lights at The Warren, a roadside hotbed of illegal activities. Mr. Sharpe, his former math teacher, is the last person in the world he wanted to see walk into the club, never mind take him home.

But AJ never could have predicted what Mr. Sharpe actually has in mind for him:

An offer that he can’t refuse…
AJ follows Mr.Sharpe's every command. He collects intelligence from The Warren, accompanies his former math teacher on reconnaissance, and keeps in constant contact with him via a burner phone.

All of this and more, to win his freedom. To finally leave Piblokton.

Meanwhile, Mr. Sharpe wrestles with his conscience as he grows closer to AJ. To make matters worse, Araknos, his mysterious former employer, has started to see AJ as a loose end...
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