an icy neo-noir thriller…

In the small snowy town of Piblokton, AJ Young (aka “Rabbit”) works under the heat of red lights at The Warren, a roadside hotbed of illegal activities. Mr. Sharpe, his former math teacher, is the last person in the world he wanted to see walk into the club, never mind take him home.

But AJ never could have predicted what Mr. Sharpe actually has in mind for him:

An offer that he can’t refuse…

Sharpe & Rabbit in print

Sharpe & Rabbit Vol.1 will soon be available in print again, once Vol.2 is completed posting on Tapas! We will be opening Vol.1 for preorders at the same time as Vol.2 ♡

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Exclusive Apparel

Featuring AJ Young, the protagonist of Sharpe & Rabbit. Readers always like his dark, prickly fashion style, and so we kept that in mind when selecting products.

There is a unisex tee, a t-shirt dress, a flowy crop top, and oversized hoodie (artist’s fave!!). All are super comfy!

All clothing options are made of organic cotton (some with recycled polyester) and are printed in France, to be shipped directly to you in plastic-free packaging.

Prints & Postcards

Want to decorate your walls with Sharpe & Rabbit art? Check out our store to find postcard sets and high quality art prints featuring your fave characters!

Vinyl Stickers

Wanna show your love for the characters of Sharpe & Rabbit? These quality 3″ die-cut stickers are the perfect way to do that ❤