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Patreon is a subscription-based website that allows you to support your favorite content creators. For every donation, you can gain access to special content that is exclusive to VVBG patrons.

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♥️ Support the projects we work on, and help us reach our goals <3

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a Peek Behind the Curtain

Access to behind the scenes content! This tier includes:

🔥 Access to the patron-only feed, including all spicy NSFW content 👀

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♥️ Sneak peeks of our ongoing project: Sharpe & Rabbit Vol.2

♥️ Access to Volume II of Knight's Choice, posted weekly

♥️ Special patron role on Discord, for access to an exclusive channel

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Keepsakes and Mementos

All the same benefits as “A Peek Behind the Curtain.” PLUS:

♥️ A monthly exclusive item! You will regularly receive a physical item (prints, stickers, a surprise...) sent directly to your mailbox