Thick as Thieves

Season 2 in production

Manthony (M. Anthony) has an ungodly knack for thievery… but no marketable skills for honest work. He’s an orphan with zero dollars in his wallet and no sense to his name, scrounging by on his angelic good looks and wide-eyed charm.

When he attempts to steal from the famed Tristan Montgomery, Tristan recognizes in Manthony an unparalleled — but unrefined — talent for theft, and is compelled to take the young man under his wing.

But will Manthony be able to pull off the greatest heist of all — stealing his gentleman teacher’s heart?

End Simulation

Winner of the LINE Webtoon Short Story Contest 2020 (BRONZE – Heart Category)

Feeling trapped in his relationship, a conflicted young man uses virtual reality to practice breaking up with his boyfriend. This story explores the loneliness of being deeply in love despite impossible circumstances, as a relationship unwinds before our eyes.

Born Sexy Tomorrow

Season 1 complete

Blaze Galaxy, a reckless renegade spaceman rogue, lives by his own rules. Fighting, feasting, and f-uh, fostering human-alien relationships from planet to planet, he fears nothing…except commitment. His current mission: to save the human race from certain extinction (again). Just another Wednesday, really.

Until he accidentally awakens J-450n, an (adorable) assassin cyborg created by a race of perverted aliens, whose prime objective is to eliminate human life. Only J-450n’s been programmed to imprint upon the first living being that he sees…

Join Blaze Galaxy and J-450n as they pew pew their way through the galaxy, dancing in cantinas, warring with stars, battling galacticas, and fleeing from Blaze’s crippling emotional problems at the speed of light. It’s the adventure of a spacetime! In BORN SEXY TOMORROW.

Miles of Painted Darkness

This comic will not be continued, as the worldbuilding is now out of date. The universe is further explored in Knight’s Choice.

In a land ruled by mythical giants that are worshipped as gods, a sacrifice survives, and an ancient prophecy is set into motion.

The God in the Field

The age-old story of Hades and Persephone, and a love that causes the seasons (with a yaoi twist.)

Disclaimer/Content Warning: Anyone familiar with greek mythology will know that they are in for a ride. This comic will contain kidnapping, a coercive relationship with unequal power dynamics, and various other scenes from the underworld that Hades presides over.